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The company started manufacturing Burris scopes 40 years ago and their products are known for having little tolerance for errors in those over 100 individual parts that a Burris scope consists of. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified which means that the high level of quality is ensured and their German products are some of the most demanded rifle scopes in the entire world. Burris is the first manufacturer of a variable power hand scope and also the company that first created a riflescope using titanium. Other innovations brought by the company are the first 4-12x scopes and the first trajectory compensating single plane reticle.

Burris Scopes For Rifles
The variation of Burris rifle scopes is quite complex, the company offers various products for certain hunting and shooting applications as well as for different price ranges. For example, the SixX scope offers a superior 6x zoom range in any hunting condition and is available in two configurations, sporting an illuminated reticle that allows the hunter to adjust the scope from eleven levels of illumination. In addition, the model is equipped with a classic rotary dial and a zero position at both ends of the dial.

Another important model from their lineup is the FourX scope, known for being very precise, bright and rugged. The model features a generous 8.9 cm - 10 cm eye relief and shooter-viewable, finger-adjustable, resettable adjustment dials. The deep relief of the FourX grooves on the power ring. The battery mode of the unit allows an automatic shut off after 2 hours. The unit sports an internal focusing eyepiece with easy-to-grip rubber on the adjustable ring.

Burris Scopes Parts & Accessories
Except riflescopes, Burris is known for making some of the best sights in the world. The SpeedDot 135 is a relevant example. The model features a 100% waterproof, shockproof and fogproof construction and offers 11 brightness settings. Due to the 1x magnification, the model offers full and unlimited field of view. It is very easy to mount and comes as standard with a heavy-duty battery that will last up to 200 hours at the highest brightness setting.

Another important sight model is the Fast Fire II that features a 100% waterproof construction. The hunter has the ability to aim with both eyes and can electronically control the brightness level. It offers an extremely fast and parallax free target acquisition and can be mounted very easy on all rifles, shotguns and handguns. Due to the 1x magnification, the model offers full and unlimited field of view.

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Top 5 Burris Scopes

Burris Eliminator
Burris Eliminator Scope Review One of the most expensive laserscopes in the Burris lineup is the Eliminator model. Featuring a reticle that displays a series of aiming dots or a single dot, the Eliminator features a remote switch for the range finding / drop compensation display. The eyepiece of this riflescope rotates in order to sharpen image focus. The scope comes with tables listing the types of bullets in popular calibers, from .17 Remington to .50 BMG, made by many major ammunition manufacturers. Accuracy is +/-2 yards at ranges out to 500 yards. The remote control uses a CR-2016 battery.
Brand: Burris Magnification: 4x - 12x Objective Diameter: 42 mm
Weight: 26 oz Length: 13 inch Eye Relief: 3 - 3.5 inch

Burris Fullfield II
Burris Fullfield II Scope Review One of the most popular riflescopes in the Burris lineup is without any doubt the Fullfield II, available in many power magnifications. Featuring a one-piece tube construction and having a guaranteed 95% light transmission, this rifle scope is one of the best in its segment. It has a European-style diopter system which is very easy to use and requires no locking mechanism. Some of the models benefit from the Ballistic Plex reticle which is calibrated for short magnum cartridges.
Brand: Burris Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 13 oz Length: 12.2 inch Eye Relief: 3.1 - 3.8 inch

Burris Fullfield II Tac 30
Burris Fullfield II Tac 30 Scope Review A model from Burris' 2011 catalog is the Fullfield II Tac 30 riflescope that features a TAC-2 low-profile, precision-adjustable tactical knobs and a crystal-clear view at all ranges. In addition, it benefits from the latest HiLume index-matched multichemical mulitcoat lenses. The model is made out of a one-piece 30-mm tube with quad seals and 24-step nitrogen purging. The unit is backed by the Forever Warranty.
Brand: Burris Magnification: 1x - 4x Objective Diameter: 24 mm
Weight: 13 oz Length: 10.5 inch Eye Relief: 3 - 3.1 inch

Burris Handgun
Burris Handgun Scope Review For handgunners, this is the scope to get. The Burris Handgun was designed to take a pounding and features a Posi-Lock construction for heavy-recoiling handguns. Some of the models from this series come with the highly-acclaimed Ballistic Plex reticle that is calibrated especially for short magnum cartridges. Pictured is a sliver finish model; a matte black is also available. If you didn't know, Burris made the first variable and the first scopes with knobs and adjustable parallax so the quality of this one should be pretty good.
Brand: Burris Magnification: 2x Objective Diameter: 20 mm
Weight: 7 oz Length: 8.9 inch Eye Relief: 10 - 24 inch

Burris XTR
Burris XTR Scope Review One of the high-end models from Burris, the XTR comes with large premium lenses with index-matched multicoating. The water rapidly flows off the scope's lenses thanks to the StormCoat technology. The XTR features side-turret-mounted parallax adjustment and benefits from the company's forever warranty. In comparison to other scopes in its class, the XTR's tube walls are 42% stronger and 25% thicker.
Brand: Burris Magnification: 6x - 24x Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 26 oz Length: 16.5 inch Eye Relief: 3.2 - 3.7 inch