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The Docter scopes have been around since the 1980s and are known for being premium optical products due to their unique finish-molding of the glass that equips the lenses of their items. This revolutionary and unique process implemented by the company significantly improves the performance of their optical systems and guarantees a perfect balance between clarity and sharpness, a trademark for the Docter scope. The company is known for implementing aspherical lens that are made with a revolutionary glass molding technique that eliminates the potential for minor defects that can be found on conventional lens grinding and polishing techniques.

Docter Scopes For Rifles
The Docter rifle scopes are known to benefit of various innovations like the asphericals lenses that are also used on their line of binoculars. During the manufacturing process, the rifle scopes made by Docter are thoroughly tested and subjected to strict and complex quality control. One of their latest 2010 additions to the riflescope range is the 1" Sport that is available in 1"Plex or 1" dot reticle configurations. These scopes are parallax adjustable, making them the best choice for a high quality airgun scope. The model features four lens of high quality optics in the objective section together with the multi-layer coated optical surfaces which give the hunter / shooter the best image reproduction possible. The model is available in the following configurations: VZF 8-25x50 Sport Plex; VZF 4.5-14x40 Sport Plex; VZF 8-25x50 Sport Dot and VZF 4.5-14x40 Sport Dot.

Best Docter Scopes
Every riflescope manufacturer has various products to fulfill various needs of the hunters and shooters. There are different hunting and shooting applications which is why it would be a difficult job for us to determine which is the best Docter scope available at the moment, especially because their models fit into different price ranges. However, if we were to make a top 3 of their best scopes, it would be the following: Classic Variable, Unipoint and Classic (with Analogue Brightness Control). The Classic Variable offers an adjusted brightness control that is fully adapted to the physiology of the human eye. Due to the intelligent intensity control system, the model has no dark phases. It has LED arranged in tandem which guarantees a lower power consumption, an even lightning and in the same time, a long battery life. The model features an Analogue Brightness as well as a first focal plane illuminated reticle which in combination with the 30mm tube, offers superb light gathering and a very sharp image quality.

The Unipoint model from Docter has tumbler switches that avoid accidental activation and is very easy to operate even when the hunter / shooter is wearing gloves. The brightness control is placed on the third knob, mounted flat against the tube, thus keeping it far away from your line of sight. The safety ocular 5 dioptres, symmetrical adjustment range along with the highly practical eye relief at all magnification settings as well as the wide, soft ocular ring, help protect the shooter from injury. The Classic model with the Analogue Brightness Control offers an easy adjustment of the magnification and with help of the new design of the magnification ring, users can immediately see the setting of the magnification. The model has no dark phases thanks to the innovative intensity control system. In addition, the LED arranged in tandem guarantees even lightning and a long battery life. The first focal plane illuminated reticle in tandem with the 30mm tubes offer these scopes impeccable light gathering and a very sharp image quality.

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Top 5 Docter Scopes

Docter Classic
Docter Classic Scope Review Featuring the proprietary DOCTERmultitop multilayer coating, the Docter Classic 3-12x56 riflescope combines image brilliance with color correctness. With its high-precision alignment for the sophisticated optical system in a hightensile aircraft aluminum tube, you will benefit from a reliable operation as well as permanent resistance to all sorts of shocks. A dust-free model thanks to the nitrogen filling and the hermetic sealing.
Brand: Docter Magnification: 3x - 12x Objective Diameter: 56 mm
Weight: 630 g Length: 371 mm Eye Relief: 3 inch

Docter Classic Illuminated
Docter Classic Illuminated Scope Review One of the most packed riflescopes from Docter, the Classic Illuminated 8x56 comes with LED arranged in tandem which guarantees a low power consumption along with even lightning. No dazzling is guaranteed thanks to the intelligent control system. The broad rubber ring at the end of the ocular minimizes the chances of injury through recoil. Thanks to the new design of the magnification ring the hunter can immediately see the magnification setting.
Brand: Docter Magnification: 8x Objective Diameter: 56 mm
Weight: 550 g Length: 14 inch Eye Relief: 3 inch

Docter Classic Variable
Docter Classic Variable Scope Review The Docter Classic Variable Mag riflescopes come with a 30mm tube with reticles in the first focal plane. This series of riflescopes are recommended for large-caliber hunting rifles as well as for varmint control and target shooting. The optical system of this model is factory-adjusted to be parallax free to 100m. Made in Germany, the Classic Variable is entirely shockproof thanks to the precision mounting of the optical system developed by Docter.
Brand: Docter Magnification: 1.5x - 6x Objective Diameter: 42 mm
Weight: 630 g Length: 371 mm Eye Relief: 3 inch

Docter Sport
Docter Sport Scope Review The Docter Sport VZF 3-9x40 features a reticle in the second image plane and a one-inch main tube diameter, guaranteeing an increased zoom area. With the addition of the nitrogen-filling, it prevents clouding of inner lens surfaces and ensures secure operation, regardless of the weather conditions. For the two high-magnification models, the Sport VZF's parallax corrector is at the objective.
Brand: Docter Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 515 g Length: 328 mm Eye Relief: 3 inch

Docter Unipoint
Docter Unipoint 4040 Scope Review The Docter Unipoint series of riflescopes benefit from safety ocular and the highly practical eye relief which will protect the hunter from any potential injuries. Featuring an intelligent illumination unit, the Unipoint series come with a dual memory function and illuminated 4-0 reticle. Some of the models are available with the proven inside Z-track. All models come in a traditional matte black finish and with light dot switches that turn off automatically after 180 minutes to preserve energy.
Brand: Docter Magnification: 3x - 12x Objective Diameter: 56 mm
Weight: 700 g Length: 376 mm Eye Relief: 3 inch