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The Leapers scopes are manufactured at their headquarters in Michigan, USA. The company has almost 20 years of experience and they set new standards for the entire optics market. In 2009, the company decided to start their Made-In-The-USA Manufacturing Operation and began producing their unique mounting system under the UTG PRO brand in Michigan. The Leapers scope has become famous for the various technological implementations and a very good value/price ratio.

Leapers Scopes For Rifles
The Leapers rifle scopes are available in a bundle of configurations, like the TactEdge SCP-440MDLWTS that features a revolutionary Triple S Structure (Smart Spherical Structure) TS Construction for the most efficient telescopic functions. The model has a generous 5" extended eye relief and an excellent field of view. It is offered with a Mil-Dot range estimating reticle and target turrets with the zero reset feature. The model sports a built-in integral sunshade and military style flip-open lens caps. Another important model is the AccuShot SCP3-3124AOMD-A which is built on true strength platform and is entirely sealed and nitrogen filled plus it has a 100% shockproof, fogproof and waterproof construction. It comes with a crystal clear 44mm objective that allows the hunter to see more of the target and provides an excellent ratio of light transmission for dusk-dawn daily use. It comes with a sun shade and flip-open lens caps.

Leapers Scopes Parts & Accessories
Except rifle scopes, Leapers is a known manufacturer of various parts and accessories for their products. For example, they offer many Leapers scope mounts for AK, SKS, FAL, G3 and MP models plus for various bolt action rifles and Mini-14, 10/22. The catalog of Leapers scope rings is very detailed with various products like the Max Strength LE Grade Quick Detach Picatinny 1 low profile rings or the medium profile 1 rings for rubber armored scopes.

They also offer other accessories like gun gases, cleaning kits & tools, sling swivels, mag loaders, bipods, flashlights, lasers as well as airsoft accessories like magazines, batteries, BB pellets, targets, parts & kits and paintball wear and bags.

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Top 5 Leapers Scopes

Leapers TactEdge
Leapers TactEdge Scope Review One of the newest models from the Leapers lineup, the TactEdge 4x40 comes as standard with the revolutionary triple s structure (smart spherical structure) TS construction, providing some of the best telescopic functions. Similar with other models from Leapers, it has a mil-dot range estimating reticle and target turrets with a zero reset feature. Comes bundled with the military style flip-open lens caps and the 1-inch tactical Picatinny rings.
Brand: Leapers Magnification: 4x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 19 oz Length: 335 mm Eye Relief: 5 inch

Leapers Long Eye Relief
Leapers Long Eye Relief Scope Review One of the 5th gen riflescopes from Leapers, the 1.25-4x24 1" Long Eye Relief Strength Illuminated was built on the True Strength Platform. It is entirely seals and nitrogen filled. For the best light transmission, it has all emerald lens coatings. The etched glass instant lock floating mil-dot reticle offers effective range estimating. In addition, it packs the ITA Technology - innovative instant target aiming that delivers the best performance under the hardest shooting conditions.
Brand: Leapers Magnification: 1x - 4x Objective Diameter: 24 mm
Weight: 14.4 oz Length: 236 mm Eye Relief: 5 - 4 inch

Leapers Golden Image
Leapers Golden Image Scope Review The Leapers Golden Image was built on the True Strength Platform for a shockproof, fogproof and rainproof construction. With a mil-dot range estimating reticle and integrated angled front sunshade, it offers some of the best clarity in the segment. It is a fixed power riflescope with range estimating and mounting accessories included. It also has a W/E adjustment knob with finger controlled cylinder wheel for positive clicks, screw-on cap.
Brand: Leapers Magnification: 4x Objective Diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 10.8 oz Length: 300 mm Eye Relief: 3.2 inch

Leapers Full Size Swat
Leapers Full Size Swat Scope Review This Leapers model is one of the best in its segment, featuring a 30mm tube for maximum light transmission and wider windage and elevation adjustment. Some of the most important highlights of the model include the Pinpoint Illuminated Reticle - PIR, target turrets with larger and consistent adjustments. According to the manufacturer, it is the most valuable riflescope with a 30mm tube scope. It comes with the 2.5 inch super sniper stackable sun shade.
Brand: Leapers Magnification: 1x - 6x Objective Diameter: 44 mm
Weight: 21.1 oz Length: 327 mm Eye Relief: 3.5 - 2.9 inch

Leapers Dot Sight
Leapers Dot Sight Scope Review Belonging to the Dot Sight series from Leapers, the 7" Tactical CQB features the TS Platform and SSS Structure for the highest level of durability. Unlike other models, it benefits from the non-reflection High Tech emerald coating. With a 75 mm mount length, the Dot Sight sports the quick aim and instant lock on targets. It also comes with a dual red/green dot and flip-open lens caps. It benefits from a two year warranty from Leapers.
Brand: Leapers Magnification: 1x Objective Diameter: 34 mm
Weight: 13.1 oz Length: 193 mm Eye Relief: Flexible