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The Leatherwood scopes were developed in order to be very efficient and durable. From the 1960s tactical scopes that were used in Vietnam, only the Leatherwood scope units are still in service, after 5 decades of thorough use. Their models are made out of high tensile strength aluminum one-piece tubes. The fully multi-coated lens offer 96% light transmission for outstanding brightness, a traditional feature for a Leatherwood rifle scope.

Leatherwood Scopes For Rifles
The Leatherwood rifle scopes are available in a wide variety of configurations, covering all hunting and shooting applications for both amateur and professional enthusiasts. One of their most important lineup of rifle scopes is the ATR Professional 30 mm Series that is available in 1.5-6x42mm and 2.5-10x44mm. The scopes feature fully multi-coated Hi-Lux lenses and two basic reticles - the No-Math Mil-Dot Reticle and the Duplex Reticle. The Top-Angle Series come as standard with DiamondTuff fully-multicoated 50mm lenses and feature the proprietary Top-Angle parallax adjustment and positive Fast Focus large diameter ocular lens. These sturdy aluminum scopes are finished with Leatherwood / Hi-Lux PermaCoat soft luster blue-black finish which is impervious to wear. The Multi-Dial Series come with a large 30mm tube diameter and offers a more light transmission for a brighter and clearer picture. The 3-9x40mm scope features a No-Math Mil Dot Reticle and four programmable sighting rings on both the elevation and windage turrets. The unit can be pre-sighted for up to five different loads or five different ranges. Changing these settings can be done in just a few seconds.

Leatherwood Scopes Parts & Accessories
Except rifle scopes, the company is known for making various parts and accessories for their products, like the Leatherwood scope mounts from the MAX-TAC series that are precision machined from solid steel bar stock to precise tolerances. These bases are available for the 700 Rem. short and long action, new and old Winchester Mdl 70s short action, the Savage Mdl 10s and for the 110s long and short action. The Leatherwood scope rings are 30mm models with 1-inch inserts that are included as standard. These rings fit the Picatinny (Mil Std 1913) rail as well as Weaver-type bases.

As you can see, the Leatherwood scope rings and bases are offered in a wide variety of options, for many rifles from Savage to Winchester, all of them of the same well-known quality just like the models from the rifle scope lineup of the same manufacturer. The Leatherwood reticles are available in different configurations: Hi-Lux Fine Duplex, Hi-Lux Etched Glass Illuminated Reticle, No-Math Mil-Dot Reticle, No 3 Post Reticle, Toby Bridges Mezzleloader Scope Multi-Reticle, Fine Crosswire Reticle, Special Close-Medium Ranging Illuminated Reticle as well as custom reticles.

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Top 5 Leatherwood Scopes

Leatherwood Varmint Country
Leatherwood Varmint Country Scope Review The Leatherwood Varmint Country is one of the most versatile riflescopes from this producer, making it suitable for long-range big game rifles, varmint shooting or small game rifles. It comes with DiamondTuff multi-coated lenses that can offer one of the best target resolutions. The target is maintained crisp and sharp with the help of the parallax adjustment and the fast focus ocular. The aluminum scope tube benefits from the Leatherwood / Hi-Lux PermaCoat finish.
Brand: Leatherwood Magnification: 4x - 16x Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 25 oz Length: 14.1 inch Eye Relief: 3.25 inch

Leatherwood Top-Angle
Leatherwood Top-Angle Scope Review The biggest riflescope from Leatherwood's Top-Angle series is the TP730X50MD that comes with a 7x-30x magnification power. It features the proprietary Top-Angle parallax adjustment and positive fast focus large diameter ocular lens. According to the manufacturer, all of the glass lenses were meticulously polished to photographic quality in order to provide the best light and clarity possible, even in the darkest hunting environments.
Brand: Leatherwood Magnification: 7x - 30x Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 29.8 oz Length: 17.2 inch Eye Relief: 3.30 inch

Leatherwood Toby Bridges
Leatherwood Toby Bridges Scope Review Designed for muzzleloading hunters, the Leatherwood Toby Bridges features three lower short crosshairs, in addition to the primary crosshair. These crosshairs provide reticles for shooting at longer ranges. The position of these was decided after thousands of rounds fired with the most popular saboted muzzleloading bullets at a various range of velocities. It can be sighted "on" at 100 yards while the lower crossbars will point the load "on" at 250 yards.
Brand: Leatherwood Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 44 mm
Weight: 15.8 oz Length: 12.5 inch Eye Relief: 3.25 inch

Leatherwood Multi-Dial
Leatherwood Multi-Dial Scope Review Specially designed for multi-barrel rifles, the Leatherwood Multi-Dial allows the hunter to use the scope for up to five different barrels. After a barrel is sighted in, the setting can be easily returned with the aid of four programmable sighting rings on both the elevation and windage turrets. It comes with a no-math mil dot reticle and can be pre-sighted for up to five different loads or five different ranges, each of those settings can be changed in just a few seconds.
Brand: Leatherwood Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 18.7 oz Length: 12.5 inch Eye Relief: 3.25 inch

Leatherwood Buck Country
Leatherwood Buck Country Scope Review The entry-level model from the Buck Country Series from Leatherwood is the BC156X42 with a 1.5x-6x power magnification. All the models from these series have been designed for deer hunting and can be easily attached to modern slug-shooting shotguns. The model sports bright fully multi-coated lenses. It has a 1-inch main tube and a FOV at 100 yards of 63.1 - 15.7 ft. The coating is Diamond TuFF14 and the reticle is 2-plex.
Brand: Leatherwood Magnification: 1.5x - 6x Objective Diameter: 42 mm
Weight: 14.5 oz Length: 11.8 inch Eye Relief: 3 inch