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The Pentax Corporation was founded in 1919 and it is one of the most important Japanese manufacturers of optics for hunting, sporting and recreational applications. The Pentax scopes are the result of years of development in optics and are considered by many the most advanced rifle scopes manufactured in Japan. Generally speaking, the Pentax scopes have quick focus eyepieces and extremely durable reticles plus thick tubes which allow them to be very durable regardless of the hunting conditions.

Pentax Scopes For Rifles
The Pentax rifle scopes like the LightSeeker 30 are extremely durable, this unit has a 30mm tube and is capable to withstand any hunting and weather conditions. It comes with fully multi-coated optics and superior light gathering ability. It is available in the following magnification configurations: 3x-10x, 6x-24x and 8.5x-32x. The first model has a 40mm objective diameter and a 35mm eyepiece diameter. The exit pupil is 13.3-4.4mm and it has a BP reticle. Another interesting model from Pentax is the Lightseeker SL available with a 3x-9x magnification power. It has a very long eye relief, up to 5x. It is made out of a solid one piece 1 tube which is very durable, regardless of hunting or weather conditions. The model is entirely waterproof and is nitrogen filled. Similar with other models, it comes with fully multi-coated optics. In addition, it sports a compact and lightweight design.

Pentax Scopes Parts & Accessories
Besides rifle scopes, the Japanese manufacturer is known for producing some of the best binoculars and spotting scopes. One of their binocular models is the DCF NV available with either a 8x36 power configuration or with a 10x36. It has a JIS Class 6 nitrogren-filled waterproof construction which allows them to be submerged to 1 meter and can be used in various extreme environments. It has a fiber reinforced polycarbonate design which makes it not only very light, but also durable. The helicoids eyepiece ring with four click stops gives the most comfortable eye relief.

One of their spotting scopes from the lineup is the PF-100ED which is housed in a very lightweight magnesium-alloy body. For allowing optimum optical resolution, the model has ED Extra-low Dispersion glass elements. It sports very large 100mm objective lens for bright views in various light conditions. For effortless focusing, the model sports an extra wide focusing knob. The buil-in lens shade cuts the excessive light and helps preventing rain as well as other weather elements that might interfere with the view.

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Top 5 Pentax Scopes

Pentax Gameseeker
Pentax Gameseeker Scope Review With a 50 mm objective diameter, the Pentax Gameseeker is capable of gathering the maximum light possible and a clear image. With its versatile zoom range, it is ideal for the widest range of shooting situations without having to ruin the quality of the image. The unit is made out from a 1-inch tube, making it very durable. Other highlights of this model include the nitrogen-filled construction and the use of the fully multi-coated optics with the PentraBright Technology that guarantees a clear and sharp image.
Brand: Pentax Magnification: 3x - 15x Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 18.3 oz Length: 14.1 inch Eye Relief: 4.6 - 3.4 inch

Pentax Lightseeker 30
Pentax Lightseeker 30 Scope Review The Pentax Lightseeker 30 is capable of gathering superior light and benefits from a crystal clear resolution. With its fully multi-coated optics, the unit is made out of a very durable nitrogen-filled 30mm tube. It sports increased windage and elevation adjustment range. Available in the following power magnifications: 3x-10x (model pictured), 4x-16x, 6x-24x and 8.5x-32x. It comes with the Worry Free Lifetime warranty and benefits from a waterproof construction.
Brand: Pentax Magnification: 3x - 10x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 20 oz Length: 13.1 inch Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4 inch

Pentax Lightseeker SL
Pentax Lightseeker SL Scope Review The SL model from the Pentax Lightseeker family of riflescopes was created mostly for the popular short mag rifles. It features a durable one-piece and waterproof construction along with fully multi-coated optics. The scope is nitrogen filled for the hardest conditions out there and packs a lightweight and compact design. The unit is available with the popular Ballistic-plex reticle. With such a generous eye relief of up to 5 inches, the SL is a very popular model for those using short mag rifles.
Brand: Pentax Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 32 mm
Weight: 12 oz Length: 10.3 inch Eye Relief: 3.5 - 5 inch

Pentax Lightseeker XL
Pentax Lightseeker XL Scope Review One of the models in the Lightseeker XL series uses larger erector lenses in comparison to the conventional scopes which will allow a brighter image. The unit incorporates the european style and has an easy to mount design. With fully multicoated optics, the XL is nitrogen filled and sports a waterproof / fogproof construction. The models in the XL series are available with the following reticles: P, BP and TW. Other magnifications available: 3x-9x 40mm, 3x-9x 50mm and 4x-16x 50mm.
Brand: Pentax Magnification: 2.5x - 10x Objective Diameter: 50 mm
Weight: 21 oz Length: 14 inch Eye Relief: 3.5 - 4.2 inch

Pentax Pioneer II
Pentax Pioneer II Scope Review The Pioneer II is available in two magnification powers: 3-9x40mm (pictured) and the 4.5-14x42 model. Made out of a solid one piece 1" tube, the models are very durable and can withstand any weather conditions. A nitrogen-filled model that packs fully multi-coated optics with PentraBright Technology that assures a clear and high quality image. It features 1 MOA finger adjustable turrets which allow the hunter a fast and accurate sight-in. It is available with the very popular Penta-Plex reticle.
Brand: Pentax Magnification: 3x - 9x Objective Diameter: 40 mm
Weight: 13.1 oz Length: 12 inch Eye Relief: 3.8 - 3 inch